this EXTREMELY STORM IS THE WORST AND DEADLY STORM IN THE WORLD it was coming like 8 days then it was formed a subtropical storm then 5 days it became a cat 3 storm then 3 days later it become a extremely cat 4 storm spawning a EF5 tornado the hit outset island and the tornado siren goes off then it made the worst flood in the world it almost swallowed the whole outset island 100! people died then it hit all wind waker islands and the extreme fatality it killed like about 1,000 people then it became a cat 5 then it hit on USA that hit New Orleans and it killed like 7,000 people then the hurricane passed over 17,000 people are missing and over 10,000 will have no food this is worse than hurricane katrina this hurricane will be retried but no there's another one coming on the 2015 this hurricane formed on 2004 it did extreme damage a lot of the houses are gone and a lot of building are gone and damaged

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